The Heroine

A mother births hope for our future.

She woke up feeling off-centered and nauseous

Knowing what she had for us and sacrificing

Her body to give.

Her partner senses her discomfort and asks her how she feels.

He is aware of his presence within her but cannot

Fully grasp her sensations.

He holds her,

He watches and listens,

But she is not able to find a comparison to the pain.

Her other children are not present for this moment,

But they will be by her and their father’s side in awe

When they witness the whole of her strength.


Soon, they will all know:

A mother holds all answers in her womb.

A mother births time.

November 2017

The faith that we carry for our future because of the confidence we have in our skills and our will has brought into our life abundance, feelings of prosperity and pure joy when joy is what we feel. Our perception of our world is a tool used in helping to create it. If we perceive ourselves as beautiful, we shine. If we perceive ourselves as protected and anointed, it shall be so!

In this dystopic time, we need our protection. We need safe spaces, community, warmth and progressive energy around us. Don’t get caught in the confusion and disorder, stay steady in your morals and on your path. Stay confident and remember your strength. Don’t let fear stop you from being a leader in the fight for justice!

We are moving into winter soon, a time of death and darkness, which is not bad! But in this time it’s still imperative to keep on the light that comes from inside. In this time our vices and weaknesses show themselves, feeling that it is their time to take over. But we know what we are, strong and focused, and even our dark habits cannot remove our love and light. A question to ask… who’s going to give up first? Us our our demons?



Mantra of Faith and Forgiveness

I have fear.

But I am brave.

Bravery is the ability to face fear

Knowing truly that fear is a mental construct

And that we are the creators of it.

We, the creations of the Creator,

Are entities of perfection.

We are strong and complex systems of wholeness.

Fear has no chance against this understanding,

And when we come to this understanding we hand

Our fear up, let it float away like clouds of smoke,

So that it may be transformed into showers of faith.