Regaining Belief In My Abilities

Starting to physically

See and sense auras


Starting to realize and accept

That I’ve been able to physically, emotionally,

Spiritually see and sense auras

My entire life.


When I was a babygirl,

I called the spirits “demons” and “monsters”

Because I felt alone in my recognition of them.

I searched for answers, but was discouraged

From asking questions.

From others and then myself.

I would see our energy and ignore it,

I would sense our energy and call it

Aches or illness.

The conscious mind is a tool and a hindrance.


– Oyá

Tarot For The Universal Shift

Our wisdom and discernment had brought and end to sadness, despair and desolation for those that have chosen to enlighten themselves, though it is not possible without constant sacrifice. What we have brought to ourselves is success and abundance of prosperity which surrounds and protects us. We have confidence and subtle glory to look forward too. Keep your humility and love.