Argument for Thomas Chatterton William: My black privilege.

Thomas Chatterton Williams op-ed

“When genuinely anti-racist views lead us to the same practical conclusions an open bigot would embrace — that black life is miserable compared with white life — we give white people too much credit and strengthen the status quo.”

In the article, the author, Thomas Chatterton Williams, states that some views of Black people by anti-racists, “that black life is miserable compared with white life” are actually oppressive and while not meant to keep Blacks lower than Whites, they do weaken the self-esteem and the progression of Afro-Americans.

            I agree that while only focusing on the struggles of life as a Black person is detrimental to the growth of Black success, I would say that it is actually key, when fighting for something, to know what you are fighting against. You cannot deny that there are differences between the way that Black people and White people in America are treated. It has become obvious that Black and brown men AND women are targeted and sometimes killed by primarily, but definitely not all, White Law Enforcement. It is possible to be miserable in America just by being Black.

Signal Hill September, 2016


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