Routine Check Up.

good or bad habit it does not matter it has been a year.


i wake up excited.

the christmas ready child

in my gut throwing me out

with no plan A or B.

i walk to the mirror


the world spinning.

lost in the sauce for years

until i realize i’m looking into

my eyes real hard and real sideways.

this crazy chick don’t want this problem!




always late, don’t know where

i am until i got a blunt in hand

and he’s telling me he needs me

and i’m attempting

to explain that he doesn’t know me but i’m

passive transport.

and i passed out at 10 pm

just to drive 90 miles and

only look back once.


November 23, 2016. Signal Hill, CA.


Better Than.


when you found me

i had innocence in my eyes

and i cried everyday because of it.

today, my tears are dry,

my bones are fried,

i smoke out from the inside.

in my mouth all i taste are lies

(fake smiles).

but i’m open.

and when the truth returns,

so will my softness.

and my bare feet will carry me to where

the new sun will rise.

and i have cared for this dream

better than.

October, 2016 Long Beach.

Call Me Cute.

I have a musical heart

it sings

and you hear it

through my gaze.


there is always a song to sing,

always a piece to be composed.

i wear the music outside of myself

as well,

but I don’t say it

because I do not verbalize all things.


And now you are curious,

and I am curious,

and I am vain,

and your efforts are in vain,

and I walk tall,

and sit short,

and smile big,

and live large,

And take frequent naps.


August, 2016 Signal Hill.