The Belief of Race in America.

Our prejudice and discrimination is institutionalized. Like family tradition, we are raised to see ourselves as dominant or minority based off our phenotype, sometimes even exchanging our actual ethnic background for our racial label. Race and ethnicity are not the same.

This self that we create, if not taught by the family, is taught by friends, peers, elders, media, schools, etc. And it is most likely to continue on this way as long as the dominant keeps it in motion. The dominant has the most societal power, making their beliefs the collective conscious, including the minority in these customs.

January 26, 2017

6 Months Ago She Was…

A sleepy eyed


Every day was a journey

To grow higher,

But she was

Fighting her past self

She then ended her holy war

To find peace.


Sore feet

She had walked on for centuries.

The same journey

With different defeats.

A warrior in the heart.

Even in her past lives she was womanly.

Created in the image of the Earth.

Her open heart…

Sometimes less of a blessing and

More of a curse.


Her truest form shows.
But would it not be so easy to

“Who’s gonna give up first”,

It won’t be her soul.

The Artist’s Struggle For Integrity.

The artist has a responsibility to discover the boundaries of human curiosity. The artist has a responsibility to discover the source of society’s pain and the source of society’s success. The artist has a responsibility to discover how important it is to figure out the answers to questions such as “why am I the way I am?’.

“The artist is like a warrior, savior, martyr-”

The artist is completely 100% human with only that knowledge to lead them through the journey.

January 25, 2017

The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity. James Baldwin

Premonitions of the New Year: 2017

power is internal,

it must be since our worlds begin within

and grow out, eventually touching

others, causing them to participate.

“the power of perception.”

sounds like something very important,

and it is,

but important is not synonymous with


“the power of positive perception.”

visualize your world as beautiful

and it is.


our intuition knows the truth.

our gut feeling knows true beauty

from a cake-faced lie.

are you really powerful?

don’t ask it,

just be it.


January 8, 2017.