Today: Back to the Balance!

I am back from my Redwoods retreat! I am feeling so connected to I and I… the time I have spent “retreating” from others has actually brought mI closer to mI brothers and sisters. I feel loving…I feel BALANCED. And Spirit is talking to us again today about balance:

Today Mother Earth holds us close to her. She needs our collective energy, and it benefits her as well as ourselves if we give her all she needs. How kind! We know that we will never run out of our light, so GIVE and allow the wave of life to bring I to different planes and different forms of I-self.

When we balance our diet #EatColorful ,when we balance our mentality, when we balance our vibrations and surrender to what we are… multi-faceted entities…we feel soooo good. When we surrender to the Will & to the Love, we only feel our ascension. We shall be what we need to be when we need to be it.


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