It takes a strong heart, a willing soul & a gone-for-the-weekend mind to be able to truly, unconditionally forgive. But that is what is needed if we are to unite as the One-Community, the One-love, the Collective Soul (which I will always mention).

Right now we are in Mercury Retrograde! What does that mean? It means that Mercury appears to be moving backwards for a period of time (April 9, 2017-May 3, 2017), AKA Communications is lacking! Electronics are malfunctioning! Lots and Lots of forgiveness is necessary for the frustrating folk who may be normally so peaceful or easy-going.

Personally, this has been a very frustrating week for me. The Retrograde started Sunday and I feel that EVERYONE AROUND ME has been acting a certain way in effect of this, (It may just be me right?) especially the people I care about and who normally are very caring toward me. I want to be mad. I want to be cold. Unforgiving. BUT… I am too stable in self to drop as low as I once was. I will not move backwards like Mercury, I will only grow, go, glow high.

THANKFULLY, lots of amazing, positive music is being released constantly:

Joey Bada$$- ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ (beautiful, uplifting, jammin, airy)

Kendrick Lamar- DAMN. (relate-able, forgiving, hype)

Jah9- 9 & New Name (high-vibrational, God’s message, clean)

Bless the community for our hearts. Bless the community for our talents. Bless ourselves w/ some incense and meditation.

In the Photo: English 

Taken by: Buiscuit


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