1. Trust
  2. Communication
  3. Time Alone

I’ve heard lots of people say that trust and love come together. In my journey and in my relationships I have found that there has been times when there was love without trust and vice versa. Love without trust allows pain to come in with communication and peace, love and trust CAN come together and STAY together. Communication is important for any relationship and like I stated in the post yesterday, communication will be lacking or may be difficult because of Mercury Retrograde until May 3, 2017. TRY and save important conversations for after the Retrograde, and if you see the beginnings of mistrust forming in the meantime, find other ways to show love and loyalty.

It always feels good to spend time with I-self alone. We see ourselves so vividly and we can ease out any negativity that may have accumulated while we’re busy walking through this wild world (especially if you are in the city like I am).

Stay Righteous.

In the Photo: Buiscuit

Taken by: Wil Alexander Lopez


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