1. Having Time In My Day For Silence
  2. My Ability To Articulate
  3. The Sight I’ve Gained

The more we know ourselves, the more we are able to accurately translate our wants and needs to others. There are so many reasons why each of our valuable voices need to be heard right now… who else can really speak for you but you? Take time now to be in stillness and reconnect with who and where you are in this journey.

God supports us and send us signs to guide us. God’s confirmation is all we need. Looking for confirmation elsewhere is a hindering game we do not need to play.

Personally, I feel so blessed to be in a place where I can see when something or someone is not right for me at this time. This sight continues to allow me to raise my vibration and brings me opportunities that help me in this point in my life. My intentions are becoming more clear to I & I and no longer do I feel the need to waste my time.

Peace & Love

In the photo: Misty Powell

Taken by: Buiscuit


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