Guest Writer: Venus Sublime

Harness peace within throughout every test and lesson at hand, for this is the grand test.

If you lose your peace within, even for a split second, that is still one second that you have lost your power. You cannot get that second back, but merely move forward with awareness of what to implement for next time. Keep your power by thinking clearly first instead of reacting first. Let your awareness come forward when taking the next steps, your response (which in some cases could be no response at all) will continue to develop that inner power. You will know you have made the best decision with your peaceful, heart-felt response by the lightness that is felt within afterwards.

You can CHOOSE to have a harsh lesson or a graceful one. If you leave a situation feeling pissed off, the person or situation has fulfilled their mission and took you out of your power. You will have to repeat that lesson and be left with a harsh, heavy feeling. If someone fails to piss you off because you see the lesson for what it is, then you have experienced a graceful lesson and can move up to the next level of consciousness-building lessons that awaits for you to level up, for every day you spend here on Earth will be loaded with lessons designed to grow your soul.

Affirmation: I choose graceful lessons. I am peaceful by nature, that is my natural state of being. My peace is my power.

Guest Writer: Venus Sublime


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