1. Honesty
  2. True Compassion & Unfaltering Love
  3. Vulnerability

My unfaltering love for myself will guard me from ill-intentions. Your true compassion for me will help me be honest with I-Self. Thank God for a chance to vulnerable. I thank God for a strong connection and when others burn bridges I build new ones. Even when i’m low, I am light. I light the way for a new path for us all because I know what it is like to be lost in the dark. I am the change, I am the rebirth. If I cannot fly, I will march. If I cannot march I will run. If I cannot run, I will walk, I will crawl, but I will keep moving forward. Stagnancy is not in my nature. My vision is clear and my heart is pure. I love myself enough to love you. And I will not apologize for what I am.

In the Photo: Misty Powell & Baba Washington 

Taken by: Buiscuit


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