2017 Ramadan Fast

Hey everyone! I have started my fast for Ramadan (a couple days late, Ramadan has officially started this year on May 26th and ends June 24th but i’m still in) and will be recording the fast on the Raw & Righteous blog. Instead of ending at the end of 1 month, I will be ending my fast on June 20, 2017 to signify the end of this year’s Gemini and to enter into Cancer.

The reason I have decided to fast for Ramadan is not because I am a follower of Islam but for personal mental, emotional and physical health reasons as well as to build strength. In this fast you pledge not to eat or have sex from sunrise to sunset. For myself I am looking to improve my self-discipline and build confidence in my abilities. I am looking to become more mindful in my activities such as eating, sex, smoking (herb), which are things you abstain from in the fast from sunrise to sunset. I am looking for a detox moving into Summer, which happens to be when my birthday is on June 16, and so I am starting my new year off fresh and clean!

Day 1 of Ramadan ends for me in about 30 minutes, I will record the breaking of the fast and trials and lessons learned in it.

Peace, Love!


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