In Cancer we purge. We may find ourselves sensitive, vulnerable. We may find that we need to rest more or surround ourselves with a small, close group of people or certain individuals. Cancer, the crab, the turtle, has a hard outside, a protective force around it with a soft, vulnerable inner being (or heart). During this time it is important to focus on the feelings in our chakra points- this will give us clues to where we hold pain, or where we need to release energy. Yoga, dance, other physical activity, even stretching out certain parts of the body or focusing on breath can help. But what is happening is that what we had left to the side in the past is surfacing. Face your pain, fears, your feelings. Accept yourself. Nurture yourself. Remember WE NEED THE BALANCE, So a little darkness in your soul or heart is not bad! Find what is working for you and what is not. Let’s use our vulnerability to our advantage. Right here right now we break down to grow into love.