A 3-Dimensional being sees the connection between every entity and aspect of our universe. They (I) see past the illusion of separation. “Separation is the greatest illusion…” There is no we, they, he, she, it. Only I.

Realization of this opens and balances our Third Eye chakra point. The Third Eye chakra point is located between the brow, and a little above the eyebrows. This point deals with our intuition, our natural knowing of the laws of the world and the true ways of living beings. Connection with the intuition allows truth to be our perspective of our existence and we are more easily able to put aside the ego (our mindset). When our Third Eye is under-active, we feel lost, constantly searching for answers outside of ourselves. When it is over-active, we cannot humble ourselves enough to accept guidance, and pride becomes involved. Balance is the way of our world and to be conscious of the laws of the universe and to find peace, we must be balanced within ourselves. One of the purposes of living multiple lifetimes is so that our souls can become balanced.

To balance out the Third Eye, a balanced diet is required. Alkaline water and foods are good for balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Staying active balances the physical because our bodies are not meant to stay stagnant. Truthful communication with yourself and others in all forms (writing, touch, eye communication,verbal). And a healthy amount of time with your mind allows for clarity so that we can hear the messages we are constantly being given. It is also important to live with self love and acceptance! Love is a necessary force of life…we are beings of love.

Peace, love!




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