YES! YES! YES! It feels so amazing to see our fellow brothers and sisters excelling in their lives and in their passions! We can’t help but be GREATFUL for those who are dedicating their lives to raising the Earth’s vibrations… and remember to show your support to those who deserve it. What we put out, we get back.

Speaking more on doing things for others, lend an ear to someone at least once a day. Not only does listening to others relieve so much stress and pressure from their bodies, but WE ALL gain so much from hearing others’ stories. Humble THYSELF and grow through others’ experiences.

Lastly, FLOURISH by drinking lots of water. Drink a gallon each day and we GLOW inside and out. Strengthen the light! Once again, explore the magic of the human body. With good habits, we go, grow, glow so high.

In the Photo: Buiscuit


When we are connected to Nature and her workings, we are connected and aware of what I AND I truly are. We are beautiful, powerful beings/entities and when we let go of egos and personas, we can see how PERFECT our authentic selves are! We are all perfect, all growing… but we are all where and what we need to be in this present moment. Enjoy every moment! We only have this time to live in it.

Throughout life we learn pain, we learn sadness and hardships… then we heal. Our body is SO strong. Much, much stronger than we choose to believe. There is a reason why we go through the pain that we do- because we can recover. And when this body is done with her time, we pick up our souls and transition.

Take the time to truly innerstand the magic of Earth beings.


We have the ability to view our world any way we want to. It is a freedom and a responsibility. We are responsible for our worldview, our thoughts and actions.

What does life look like in your eyes?

Are you able to see the Sun rise?

Or are you rushing the day to get back to night?

Personally, I used to shield mi eyes from the rising Sun, feeling cursed because I was missing out on more sleep. But I see now that we rest so that our vision is clearer when WE rise.


When we are passionate about what we do in our lives, it is easier to be GREATFUL for the ground that we walk on, the air that we breathe… and the more grateful we are for the smallest aspects of life, the greater our blessings! Spirit wants us to succeed, so thank the Sun for another day and thank the Moon for our light.


In the Photo: Maeriah McDaniel

Taken by: Buiscuit