This Week’s Events

Weekly West African Dance Classes in Southern California:

  1. Wednesday’s 7p-8:30p @ Lula Washington Dance Theatre in Los Angeles
  2. Thursday’s 8p-9p @ People’s Yoga, Health & Dance in San Pedro
  3. Friday’s 7p-8:30p @ Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles
  4. Saturday’s 2p-4p @ Homeland Cultural Center in Long Beach
  5. Sunday’s 5p @ La Vie Dance & Culture in San Diego:


“Hard Work Pays Off”.

We can see our dreams manifesting a little quicker now after WHAT SEEMED LIKE a long time of work, work, work and dedication. Others see our shine and LOVE and SUPPORT our vision! The Collective is ready to offer any help necessary because they now know how serious and focused we are.

We might find others complimenting us more or telling us how proud they are. We definitely see more eyes on us. Everything watches us at all times, we know this, and let it watch! We are SO stable in self that the extra attention will not trip us up. That being said, don’t forget how important REST is for growth. Our body solidifies the form we are shaping it during rest and sleep. So when there is free time, drink lots of water and Shea butter up and sit down.

In the Photo: English Taken by: Buiscuit

Today: Back to the Balance!

I am back from my Redwoods retreat! I am feeling so connected to I and I… the time I have spent “retreating” from others has actually brought mI closer to mI brothers and sisters. I feel loving…I feel BALANCED. And Spirit is talking to us again today about balance:

Today Mother Earth holds us close to her. She needs our collective energy, and it benefits her as well as ourselves if we give her all she needs. How kind! We know that we will never run out of our light, so GIVE and allow the wave of life to bring I to different planes and different forms of I-self.

When we balance our diet #EatColorful ,when we balance our mentality, when we balance our vibrations and surrender to what we are… multi-faceted entities…we feel soooo good. When we surrender to the Will & to the Love, we only feel our ascension. We shall be what we need to be when we need to be it.