1. Knight of Swords (Reversed)

It might be best to slow yourself now- your mind and reactions. There are big shifts occurring in the consciousness of Earth, and we are being pushed to face our full selves and do better…this does not mean that we cannot appreciate all we have been. Before making rash and impulsive decisions, really contemplate, write/draw out and verbalize your goals and the steps you need to take to get there. Then be bold enough to take them.

End Of My Ramadan Fast On Summer Solstice

Yesterday, June 21, 2017 was Summer Solstice (Along with June 20), the longest days of the year for the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Cancer. Being a Gemini, I wanted to start off my Gemini year with the strengthening of my body, mind, heart and soul so I joined the Ramadan fast. This was my first fast and I definitely feel the positive results of it.

First I want to say that I do not participate in the Islamic religion. I joined this fast because of my own reasons and as it went along I stuck with it for a couple other reasons, like that I felt my ability to focus getting stronger. All my energy went to what needed it the most and to what best utilized my time.

Still in mind

if I choose it.

Accepting of self,

the creative director

of my life.

Aware of my own

control, powered by the will of

spirit intuition.

It is so clear, my intentions

I am everything and I am rooted

I am curious and ageless

I am guilty and precious

I am the dark mother

I am the burning bird of creation

I have changed my name.

I am.

Thank you.

End of my Ramadan fast



Day 4

i am rethinking my structure.

removing and replacing,

the past is left in the dust.

a reminder-

i am strong.

i am strength.

this affirmation steadies me.


this is new to me.

out in the open,

fears and misconceptions

seem much more real but

easier to overcome.

silence and solitude

are not a problem,

are a necessity and

can be freeing.

can i say that

i am free

in my restrictions?

June 1, 2017

Day 4 of my Ramadan fast

Day 1

my mind was hungry

so i tried feeding her books.

the restlessness was relentless but

i stayed, focusing my attention

on stillness instead.


the breaking of the fast is natural,

an expected reward for pushing my

self expectations.

i am greater than i thought.


one thing i noticed,

i’m not as indulgent.

patient, i accept what

i need

not much else…

warm, i am comforted

by a piece of peaceful mind.


May 29, 2017

Day 1 of my Ramadan fast

2017 Ramadan Fast

Hey everyone! I have started my fast for Ramadan (a couple days late, Ramadan has officially started this year on May 26th and ends June 24th but i’m still in) and will be recording the fast on the Raw & Righteous blog. Instead of ending at the end of 1 month, I will be ending my fast on June 20, 2017 to signify the end of this year’s Gemini and to enter into Cancer.

The reason I have decided to fast for Ramadan is not because I am a follower of Islam but for personal mental, emotional and physical health reasons as well as to build strength. In this fast you pledge not to eat or have sex from sunrise to sunset. For myself I am looking to improve my self-discipline and build confidence in my abilities. I am looking to become more mindful in my activities such as eating, sex, smoking (herb), which are things you abstain from in the fast from sunrise to sunset. I am looking for a detox moving into Summer, which happens to be when my birthday is on June 16, and so I am starting my new year off fresh and clean!

Day 1 of Ramadan ends for me in about 30 minutes, I will record the breaking of the fast and trials and lessons learned in it.

Peace, Love!

The Artist’s Struggle For Integrity.

The artist has a responsibility to discover the boundaries of human curiosity. The artist has a responsibility to discover the source of society’s pain and the source of society’s success. The artist has a responsibility to discover how important it is to figure out the answers to questions such as “why am I the way I am?’.

“The artist is like a warrior, savior, martyr-”

The artist is completely 100% human with only that knowledge to lead them through the journey.

January 25, 2017

The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity. James Baldwin