TODAY: August 15, 2017

The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Be conscious of what you are focusing on today. We are more likely to attract what we put our energy towards so stay aware of what rules your mind. It is easy to fall into an self-centered state of insecurity controlled by the expectations of others… questions to ask: how am I feeling at the end of each day? What makes me feel the best? How do I communicate with others when I feel my best? Every day is new. Try adding a lil beauty to life by practicing loving self care in your daily routine.


1. Knight of Swords (Reversed)

It might be best to slow yourself now- your mind and reactions. There are big shifts occurring in the consciousness of Earth, and we are being pushed to face our full selves and do better…this does not mean that we cannot appreciate all we have been. Before making rash and impulsive decisions, really contemplate, write/draw out and verbalize your goals and the steps you need to take to get there. Then be bold enough to take them.


Welcome to August

by Tatianna Tarot on Instagram

#Tarot #Meditation // Queen of Swords Welcome August in with the energy of the Queen of Swords, an entity that plays no games and gives us the quickest reality check we could ask for. This is the month that puts everything into perspective & asks you to grind harder than ever. You have the opportunity to come on top & organize your life in order to be successful & to make 2018 as smooth as ever. The Queen of Swords is direct, because she knows who she is, what she wants, there is no time wasted in things that don't provide her value. Her energy is invested in creating a direct path to her desires & building her dreams as she sees fit on an intellectual scale. Witty, crafty & logical, the Queen will use her strategic mind to leap ahead of the crowd, putting her emotions aside so that they don't create resistance or barriers. August is a month of non-nonsense but of establishing great moves of success with you. Be real with yourself and those around you, authenticity will make things more simple. It may not always be easy, as the truth can hurt sometimes but the wisdom that you gain will be worth it. Use this sword to clear yourself from doubt, confusion, anxiety & fear. The truth shall set you free; prepare for it.

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Call Me Cute.

I have a musical heart

it sings

and you hear it

through my gaze.


there is always a song to sing,

always a piece to be composed.

i wear the music outside of myself

as well,

but I don’t say it

because I do not verbalize all things.


And now you are curious,

and I am curious,

and I am vain,

and your efforts are in vain,

and I walk tall,

and sit short,

and smile big,

and live large,

And take frequent naps.


August, 2016 Signal Hill.

Downtown Berkley Beautiful Being

And I swayed my way downtown.
The nervous stares
The moan and murmur
The assumption
That I had time
Respect for that
Which only saw
Hips, lips, and tits
For it that
Considered I a game
Threatened to
Break my stride,
Lower my eyes,
Strike my pride.
I had let my guard down.
I had assumed today was unlike another_
When did I cease to be a young woman?
I sauntered off to read James Baldwin.

Oakland August, 2016