Regaining Belief In My Abilities

Starting to physically

See and sense auras


Starting to realize and accept

That I’ve been able to physically, emotionally,

Spiritually see and sense auras

My entire life.


When I was a babygirl,

I called the spirits “demons” and “monsters”

Because I felt alone in my recognition of them.

I searched for answers, but was discouraged

From asking questions.

From others and then myself.

I would see our energy and ignore it,

I would sense our energy and call it

Aches or illness.

The conscious mind is a tool and a hindrance.


– Oyá

The Belief of Race in America.

Our prejudice and discrimination is institutionalized. Like family tradition, we are raised to see ourselves as dominant or minority based off our phenotype, sometimes even exchanging our actual ethnic background for our racial label. Race and ethnicity are not the same.

This self that we create, if not taught by the family, is taught by friends, peers, elders, media, schools, etc. And it is most likely to continue on this way as long as the dominant keeps it in motion. The dominant has the most societal power, making their beliefs the collective conscious, including the minority in these customs.

January 26, 2017