7 Poems For 7 Chakras: How I embody the personalities of the chakras through West African dance

Root Chakra

My feet are strong and graceful

As they carry my body, now eternal,

Expressing the universal language

Of time. Holding my soul to a higher standard.

They know who I am.

I am the memories of Earth’s core,

In this moment, I am living in the place without ego.

I am safe and secure. I am the stable crane,

Flying to the rhythm of our heart,

Chopped into drums legends are told of.

Sacral Chakra

I dream about movement.

I care about perfecting my performances.

I carry the rhythm in my mind, inhale.

Until I start the dance and release it from my heart, exhale.

I’m in line and the drums live inside of me

And they say “ANNNND… GO!” and we do

Arms up, legs moving in a way I still don’t innerstand

And I’m smiling and it feels like I’m crying.

To dance is my first safe space.

I am a forest fire, passionate and persistent.

I am curious and concerned.

Solar Plexus Chakra

I’ve seen a man turn into a lion.

Who can I tell that we’re more animal than consciousness?

If I say I’m bleeding on the floor

I’m talking about me being an open wound.

I’m saying that we’re the most powerful without bodies.

Men are feminine and grandfathers are unknowing.

On another day I feel confused because I don’t innerstand

Why we rely on philosophies so new and untrue.

I’ve seen gods.

They are hopeful and willing and they don’t

Grasp with fear to their sense of sight.

With a firm core, hot and clenched,

Their only concern is their connection to each other.

Heart Chakra




















I hold who I am in my heart

And unlock it when the beat is right.

There’s no fear or secrets when you live as a phoenix.

Throat Chakra


I’m shouting at my loved ones,

Encouraging them to drop it all away.

Lose your life in the circle

And we will all give some for your new one.

No hesitation, I’ve been challenged to do the same

The death is loud and my old skin cries in protest,

But it’s got to go and I’m feeling fresh and vulnerable.

Hot breath and wide eyes on me as I

Throw the vibe at the drummers.

When I’m done

All my earnings in earnest sound like,


Third Eye Chakra

Issa knowing.

And the only time I look up is to tease.

When you hold the attention, your only duty is to serve.

Tonight, like all the time I’m serving an ancient freedom.

As a spectator looking inward, I would say

That you haven’t seen this anywhere but in the eyes

Of new love.

I’m sweating out new love

and I smell like fire

and I can’t see shit because I’m moving too fast

but I hold peace in my body and she knows what to do.

Crown Chakra

I am creation, I am creator.

In this moment, I know manifestation,

I dance for peace.

I dance for my love, it’s never known peace,

Only the struggle, are you down for it?

I live in the past and leave history alone

And physically break open a new future.

In this moment, I know pain,

I dance for peace.

I beat my feet for that without a body,

Out of body, my skeleton on the floor.

My self surrounds it, all praises like a proud mami.

When I step away, I ask you how do you feel?

I dance for our health.

If we aren’t living in another dimension then

I’ll do it again.

Overstand, people gives their lives up for it.

I laugh before I sleep because I’ve lost

Who I thought I was.

Call me Oya’.