1. External Power
  2. Spirit Guidance
  3. Water

The element of water asks us to be lead and directed by light beings. Today, accept what is as you move towards your dreams. It is not always necessary to over-exercise our power. Today, however, we see our flow transforming into a solid. We are becoming more stable and secure in what we want, what we need and who we are. Our sacrifices will open doors to what we have been attempting to manifest.


  1. Beauty
  2. My Voice
  3. Comfort

Whatever goes on in the week, you cannot deny the unbelievable beauty of Mother Earth’s new energy. The light shines brighter to accentuate the gold inside of us.

There will be situations that threaten to shift our focus to the old and dark, but taking time for ourselves to detox our souls, bodies and minds will help us concentrate on the greatness of now.

Being more aware of all that goes on within us will allow for our communication to flow righteously and effectively. To avoid chaos and confusion, we MUST speak the truth: how we TRULY feel, what we TRULY want, and what we TRULY are. Speaking positivity into our lives is a power we possess; we can control our lives with speech and thought. Once we realign with the ever-changing Earth, we can find comfort in the waves.

In the Photo: Brother Hru

Taken by: Buiscuit