1. External Power
  2. Spirit Guidance
  3. Water

The element of water asks us to be lead and directed by light beings. Today, accept what is as you move towards your dreams. It is not always necessary to over-exercise our power. Today, however, we see our flow transforming into a solid. We are becoming more stable and secure in what we want, what we need and who we are. Our sacrifices will open doors to what we have been attempting to manifest.

Weekly Affirmation

  1. Crystal Healing
  2. Positive Routines
  3. Being Connected to Intuition & Emotions

Blessings are being given, stay open enough to thrive in them.

Being connected to and surrounded by Earth helps us thrive because the Earth answers all questions that we have about the way our minds and bodies work as well as what is most important in life. Earth expects nothing from us, and she accepts what we are. If you cannot always be surrounded by nature, having crystals and stones on your being and in your home help so so much. Crystals carry a variety of energy that is transmitted to us when we keep them close… EVERYTHING IS LIVING, therefore everything creates energy.

If our energy is low, positive routines come in like a breath of fresh air. Routines and habits are important and relevant to everyone because everything is created through habits from learning how to eat to the inner workings of an entire society. Bad habits are learned through mis-education and we can re-educate ourselves to transform those habits into ones that benefit I and I.

Stay in tune with your intuition and your emotions. These play very big parts in our every-second-of-every-day life. The intuition is our body’s compass. Trust the guidance because our body does not lie to us… even though our mind can. The emotion is genuine and all are connected to our root, the center of our body, our energy and power. THERE IS STRENGTH IN VULNERABILITY. Surrender to love.

Taken by: Buiscuit