It takes a strong heart, a willing soul & a gone-for-the-weekend mind to be able to truly, unconditionally forgive. But that is what is needed if we are to unite as the One-Community, the One-love, the Collective Soul (which I will always mention).

Right now we are in Mercury Retrograde! What does that mean? It means that Mercury appears to be moving backwards for a period of time (April 9, 2017-May 3, 2017), AKA Communications is lacking! Electronics are malfunctioning! Lots and Lots of forgiveness is necessary for the frustrating folk who may be normally so peaceful or easy-going.

Personally, this has been a very frustrating week for me. The Retrograde started Sunday and I feel that EVERYONE AROUND ME has been acting a certain way in effect of this, (It may just be me right?) especially the people I care about and who normally are very caring toward me. I want to be mad. I want to be cold. Unforgiving. BUT… I am too stable in self to drop as low as I once was. I will not move backwards like Mercury, I will only grow, go, glow high.

THANKFULLY, lots of amazing, positive music is being released constantly:

Joey Bada$$- ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ (beautiful, uplifting, jammin, airy)

Kendrick Lamar- DAMN. (relate-able, forgiving, hype)

Jah9- 9 & New Name (high-vibrational, God’s message, clean)

Bless the community for our hearts. Bless the community for our talents. Bless ourselves w/ some incense and meditation.

In the Photo: English 

Taken by: Buiscuit


YES! YES! YES! It feels so amazing to see our fellow brothers and sisters excelling in their lives and in their passions! We can’t help but be GREATFUL for those who are dedicating their lives to raising the Earth’s vibrations… and remember to show your support to those who deserve it. What we put out, we get back.

Speaking more on doing things for others, lend an ear to someone at least once a day. Not only does listening to others relieve so much stress and pressure from their bodies, but WE ALL gain so much from hearing others’ stories. Humble THYSELF and grow through others’ experiences.

Lastly, FLOURISH by drinking lots of water. Drink a gallon each day and we GLOW inside and out. Strengthen the light! Once again, explore the magic of the human body. With good habits, we go, grow, glow so high.

In the Photo: Buiscuit