Humility heightens your sense of presence and awareness. When you lovingly admire and acknowledge others’ experiences and wisdom, you see how connected and beautiful we are. Everyone gains stories down their journey, lessons, skills and wisdom. Reflect and unconditionally accept where you are in your life, and understand everyone is in the same position with vices, virtues, triumphs and lessons to learn. Equality is true; find your place in the collective love-being by putting on humble lenses. THIS DOES NOT MEAN LOSING INTEGRITY.

In the Photo: Moustapha Bangoura, Master West African dancer


The universe lives in cycles and therefore so do we.

There are times that call for us to give everything we can in everything we do. Times where we have access to a surplus of opportunities and where we can easily communicate with almost everyone. And there are times where we just need to SIT DOWN and BE HUMBLE…. that time is now.

Just because it is best for us to do the least movement right now, this does not mean that we are wasting our time. Sometimes we feel like we need to be everywhere doing everything in order to make good use of our time but if you stay focused on where you are and where you want to be, then you are never wasting your time. Stay-in times are great for self care, cooking, or just being still, which allows us time to rest and regroup so we are stronger when we present ourselves to the world. Everything, including our electronics, needs a resting period.

Kick back.

Peace & Love.

Photo by: Buiscuit


YES! YES! YES! It feels so amazing to see our fellow brothers and sisters excelling in their lives and in their passions! We can’t help but be GREATFUL for those who are dedicating their lives to raising the Earth’s vibrations… and remember to show your support to those who deserve it. What we put out, we get back.

Speaking more on doing things for others, lend an ear to someone at least once a day. Not only does listening to others relieve so much stress and pressure from their bodies, but WE ALL gain so much from hearing others’ stories. Humble THYSELF and grow through others’ experiences.

Lastly, FLOURISH by drinking lots of water. Drink a gallon each day and we GLOW inside and out. Strengthen the light! Once again, explore the magic of the human body. With good habits, we go, grow, glow so high.

In the Photo: Buiscuit