1. External Power
  2. Spirit Guidance
  3. Water

The element of water asks us to be lead and directed by light beings. Today, accept what is as you move towards your dreams. It is not always necessary to over-exercise our power. Today, however, we see our flow transforming into a solid. We are becoming more stable and secure in what we want, what we need and who we are. Our sacrifices will open doors to what we have been attempting to manifest.


When we are connected to Nature and her workings, we are connected and aware of what I AND I truly are. We are beautiful, powerful beings/entities and when we let go of egos and personas, we can see how PERFECT our authentic selves are! We are all perfect, all growing… but we are all where and what we need to be in this present moment. Enjoy every moment! We only have this time to live in it.

Throughout life we learn pain, we learn sadness and hardships… then we heal. Our body is SO strong. Much, much stronger than we choose to believe. There is a reason why we go through the pain that we do- because we can recover. And when this body is done with her time, we pick up our souls and transition.

Take the time to truly innerstand the magic of Earth beings.

Premonitions of the New Year: 2017

power is internal,

it must be since our worlds begin within

and grow out, eventually touching

others, causing them to participate.

“the power of perception.”

sounds like something very important,

and it is,

but important is not synonymous with


“the power of positive perception.”

visualize your world as beautiful

and it is.


our intuition knows the truth.

our gut feeling knows true beauty

from a cake-faced lie.

are you really powerful?

don’t ask it,

just be it.


January 8, 2017.