1. Knight of Swords (Reversed)

It might be best to slow yourself now- your mind and reactions. There are big shifts occurring in the consciousness of Earth, and we are being pushed to face our full selves and do better…this does not mean that we cannot appreciate all we have been. Before making rash and impulsive decisions, really contemplate, write/draw out and verbalize your goals and the steps you need to take to get there. Then be bold enough to take them.


  1. External Power
  2. Spirit Guidance
  3. Water

The element of water asks us to be lead and directed by light beings. Today, accept what is as you move towards your dreams. It is not always necessary to over-exercise our power. Today, however, we see our flow transforming into a solid. We are becoming more stable and secure in what we want, what we need and who we are. Our sacrifices will open doors to what we have been attempting to manifest.


Welcome to August

by Tatianna Tarot on Instagram

#Tarot #Meditation // Queen of Swords Welcome August in with the energy of the Queen of Swords, an entity that plays no games and gives us the quickest reality check we could ask for. This is the month that puts everything into perspective & asks you to grind harder than ever. You have the opportunity to come on top & organize your life in order to be successful & to make 2018 as smooth as ever. The Queen of Swords is direct, because she knows who she is, what she wants, there is no time wasted in things that don't provide her value. Her energy is invested in creating a direct path to her desires & building her dreams as she sees fit on an intellectual scale. Witty, crafty & logical, the Queen will use her strategic mind to leap ahead of the crowd, putting her emotions aside so that they don't create resistance or barriers. August is a month of non-nonsense but of establishing great moves of success with you. Be real with yourself and those around you, authenticity will make things more simple. It may not always be easy, as the truth can hurt sometimes but the wisdom that you gain will be worth it. Use this sword to clear yourself from doubt, confusion, anxiety & fear. The truth shall set you free; prepare for it.

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In Cancer we purge. We may find ourselves sensitive, vulnerable. We may find that we need to rest more or surround ourselves with a small, close group of people or certain individuals. Cancer, the crab, the turtle, has a hard outside, a protective force around it with a soft, vulnerable inner being (or heart). During this time it is important to focus on the feelings in our chakra points- this will give us clues to where we hold pain, or where we need to release energy. Yoga, dance, other physical activity, even stretching out certain parts of the body or focusing on breath can help. But what is happening is that what we had left to the side in the past is surfacing. Face your pain, fears, your feelings. Accept yourself. Nurture yourself. Remember WE NEED THE BALANCE, So a little darkness in your soul or heart is not bad! Find what is working for you and what is not. Let’s use our vulnerability to our advantage. Right here right now we break down to grow into love.


  1. A Change In Energy
  2. Solitude
  3. Having My Own Back

Stagnancy is threatening to attack, but we have come to far in this year alone to fall into the trap of a do-nothing attitude. “Minimize and prioritize” is the motto, because the less we have on our plates the better. The few things we do give our attention to flourish and prosper and so do we. Staying stable and humbly confident now are important in remembering exactly who we are and what our purpose is, or what our resolutions are. Have goals not dreams, and start small and build big.

Peace, love!

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Guest Writer: Venus Sublime

Your harsh experiences, heartaches, heart breaks, perceived failures aka lessons, trials and tribulations all serve your grand purpose. Once you take them to heart, those perceptions that we saw in a dark light will begin to pierce a hole (similar to a black hole) and the love you were born as soon becomes laid aside and your true essence is then compromised. You no longer radiate life, you radiate hurt and death until you spread it like a plague to every being you embrace. They are available, open and vulnerable with hopes to find love from your essence.
Tag a pained soul. I love you all! Asé .