I Am #Greatful For…

  1. Forced Stillness During Chaotic Times
  2. Being So Deeply Connected Our Existence
  3. An Unbreakable Support System, Cultivated Over Time

It is when i’m high that the dark works to keep me low, it is when i’m low that the light lifts me back up.

In the Photo: Terrence Stwart

Taken by: Buiscuit

B: What Does Your Tattoo Mean?

T: It Means ‘The World’.

I Am #Greatful For…

1. The Remembered

2. The Recognition

3. The Devotion

God, I show my devotion to you. They show their unconditional love and devotion to me. God I thank you for my innersight which allows me to distinguish the true from the confusion. I thank you for allowing me to guide the confusion from afar and to live and thrive in truth and beauty.

In the Photo: Buiscuit and Jenny


YES! YES! YES! It feels so amazing to see our fellow brothers and sisters excelling in their lives and in their passions! We can’t help but be GREATFUL for those who are dedicating their lives to raising the Earth’s vibrations… and remember to show your support to those who deserve it. What we put out, we get back.

Speaking more on doing things for others, lend an ear to someone at least once a day. Not only does listening to others relieve so much stress and pressure from their bodies, but WE ALL gain so much from hearing others’ stories. Humble THYSELF and grow through others’ experiences.

Lastly, FLOURISH by drinking lots of water. Drink a gallon each day and we GLOW inside and out. Strengthen the light! Once again, explore the magic of the human body. With good habits, we go, grow, glow so high.

In the Photo: Buiscuit


“Hard Work Pays Off”.

We can see our dreams manifesting a little quicker now after WHAT SEEMED LIKE a long time of work, work, work and dedication. Others see our shine and LOVE and SUPPORT our vision! The Collective is ready to offer any help necessary because they now know how serious and focused we are.

We might find others complimenting us more or telling us how proud they are. We definitely see more eyes on us. Everything watches us at all times, we know this, and let it watch! We are SO stable in self that the extra attention will not trip us up. That being said, don’t forget how important REST is for growth. Our body solidifies the form we are shaping it during rest and sleep. So when there is free time, drink lots of water and Shea butter up and sit down.

In the Photo: English Taken by: Buiscuit