October, 2017

The battle between God’s power and the will of man has left behind the unprepared and unconscious. This has separated them from access to their love and godly state and has lifted those who were ready and willing to sacrifice what was.

The lifted ones are in the process of receiving the benefits of the hard work they have done to protect themselves and to protect the innocence of the collective existence. Blessings for them, the angels have entered their bodies and their paths.

Those lost in the darkness want the light! Don’t give up your journey, don’t give up your path, light beings! There is no peak that we’re going to hit, we will always grow, we will always have the ability to shine brighter, to connect and to ascend. We are now moving into a new level of senses that allow us to transcend the linear time-controlled reality that we have developing in. Have no fear, and have no chill. Remind us… what is top priority? The heritage of our soul.


September, 2017

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed); 3 of Cups, 4 of Swords, 7 of Pentacles

We start off the month happy to still be OK after working so hard through August, (or just to get through August) the month of fire. The year so far has been crazy, with extreme shifts going on pretty much every week, having us question who we are and then answering with “I Am”. And that’s enough until we come back to check in again.

Right now it is okay to feel still. This is not stagnancy, this is rest. We need the moment of silence that we are gifted with to prepare us for the next ride. What we have been creating is ready to appear. We looked every morning to the sun and said hello, we gave and took love, we cared for ourselves and others. It was acknowledged and appreciated. Don’t let fear take away from your peace. Don’t let doubt diminish your light. Find contentment in what is, Ce comme ca. We are ready to receive. Gratitude is the word.

TODAY: August 25, 2017

The Hermit; 7 of Wands, 5 of Swords (Reversed), King of Wands

We are moving from a time of cautiousness in our communication and negotiations with others. From a time of hesitancy towards competition, because of our comfort in our current position (aka a bit of stagnancy).

We are still allowing others and certain situations to control our decisions and our feelings. Now is an important time to take control of our fate.

By taking control of our fate, and having no fear when it comes to moving out of our comfort area, we become more honest and mindful in our actions and communication. This connects us in a pure way to others and to ourselves, and makes us the leaders of our lives.


TODAY: August 22, 2017

Three of Wands

End of troubles. Something that has been troubling us, that we have been worrying will come to an end today. Alternatively, something that we have been working very hard towards is starting to very clearly show up starting today. It is a moment of calm where we are motivated to continue to work for what we need by seeing the fruit of our efforts. Today, is a good day for rest, or a good day to try something you’ve been wanting to do. Experiment with your world using the beautiful energy we have created.

TODAY: August 21, 2017

Day of the Solar Eclipse…

Six of Cups

Today, we reminisce on our joys and loves of the past. Thinking of yesterday, last month, last year, a past life… We reminisce on old beauty. This may bring you positive feelings, but bring that feeling to the present day. Our old times can take away from the beauty of the present moment, and the present moment is all that we can control! Don’t let your mind control you- we are in control of it. Today is the solar eclipse, celebrate change! Plan a beautiful time for yourself to celebrate, even if that means just an hour of silence to become more connected to I-self and your surroundings. A NEW JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY IS NOW. What you focus on, you will bring. Who you are, you will be.


TODAY: August 15, 2017

The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Be conscious of what you are focusing on today. We are more likely to attract what we put our energy towards so stay aware of what rules your mind. It is easy to fall into an self-centered state of insecurity controlled by the expectations of others… questions to ask: how am I feeling at the end of each day? What makes me feel the best? How do I communicate with others when I feel my best? Every day is new. Try adding a lil beauty to life by practicing loving self care in your daily routine.