Staring Out The Window

Summer heat in my stare,

Staining my panties with possession.

Who can I call to

Keep me company?

Last summer’s lover.

Breeding & hoarding

Memories to

Comfort my winter.

Like a blanket on rainy days,

And I giggle when I think

Of the look on his face.

He needed me too.

Marking my spot is my gift

To humanity.

Pleasure as a profession…

Looking for a professor,

And a profession.

I’m looking for another side

To the story,

But I hold my pride in my own arms again.


Instagtam: Kitara

Fearless Am I

I’ve been sleeping with doors and windows open,
Hearing the warm wind
Speak to me.
I enjoy late night conversations.
I sprawl on my bed,
Naked and needy,
Taking ownership of anything I can,
Turning my crowded room
Into a palace.
I say
“Goodnight king.”
When I close my eyes
I see lightbeings,
I see interactions
With childhood friends
And re-member the pieces
Of awkward moments.
Of eternal words and actions
Of relationships built on
I think
“You’ve made it, king.”
I smile and look outside.
It’s dark,
I’m safe.
I hug myself and float away,
Held by a chain,
Attempting comfort in an
Unending, underground
Existence of shadow-selves
And plastic faces.


On A Good Day

I’m loud.

The rays of sunshine

Leaking from my pores

Are loud.

I told my mama

That i’m here to love.

I told her that I can do it.

“Do what?”

Live to love.


I’m most content

Riding backseat

With the windows down

And Robert Glasper


I don’t believe in happiness,

I believe in God.

I believe that

Comedy and tragedy are same,

So I believe my life

Will always be beautiful.

Even when it’s gross…


When I ride on planes I feel gross.

But I knew since I

Was born that

I am a traveler.

I explore people.

I look us in the eyes

Alive as We.

I’m a body snatcher

With an influence as

Strong as

The color red,

But I live this lifetime as

Black and White.

I had no say in this,

So when I speak

My word is bond.



In Response To Folk Who Blame The Youth For Their Pain.


Watch your mouth.
An adult who relies on
Children to carry their weight for them.
Carry yourself.
You’ve had time to get to know
The children are being shaped by
Your pain, shame and regrets.
To place blame on the youth?
Recognize your place in
God’s world,
You, the preacher of God’s word.
The Judgement Day Decider
Who takes blind faith too literal.
You can’t even see love.
When the young give it to you,
You corrupt it and spit in their face.
There is no one to carry on your legacy.


TODAY: August 25, 2017

The Hermit; 7 of Wands, 5 of Swords (Reversed), King of Wands

We are moving from a time of cautiousness in our communication and negotiations with others. From a time of hesitancy towards competition, because of our comfort in our current position (aka a bit of stagnancy).

We are still allowing others and certain situations to control our decisions and our feelings. Now is an important time to take control of our fate.

By taking control of our fate, and having no fear when it comes to moving out of our comfort area, we become more honest and mindful in our actions and communication. This connects us in a pure way to others and to ourselves, and makes us the leaders of our lives.